Why should you use a payroll company for your small business?

Paychex Payroll Services: Sign up Today!

Payroll providers are seen by some small business people as a cost or overhead.  In order to understand the true value of a payroll provider, you’ve got to look at it from the aspect of what a payroll provider offers you in terms of services, and what your time is worth.  I calculated what my time is worth the other day, and it’s well north of $100/hour.  If my time is worth $100 an hour, why would I want to do a $10 and hour job of writing out checks, managing my books, and running my small business 401k?  When you put it into those terms, it sounds absolutely ludicrous that so many small business people waste time on such mundane tasks these days.

Whether you are a small business with employees, or simply a 1099 consultant that takes income as a small business, or through an s-corporation — A payroll provider is a service that you should definitely consider.  A company like Paychex can manage your employees checks, deduct taxes, manage their benefits, and even coordinate a 401k for them if you so choose.  It’s a good value that should be completely tax deductible to you, so if you are in a higher tax bracket — you’ll recover much of the cost on tax savings anyway!

Enough talk, get out there and order a FREE QUOTE from Paychex today so that you can use your time more effectively, and make sure your company’s financials are handled properly!  Click the link below for details…

Paychex Payroll Services: Sign up Today!

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